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The objective of Strato Markets is to make cryptocurrencies available to everyone.
Since 2015, the Aespen exchange interface has been an integral part of companies offering services related to cryptocurrencies. Aespen is a regulated financial institution offering investment services in Europe.

Thus, we have developed an intuitive exchange interface designed with all the latest technological features suitable for neophytes and professionals alike. We value the profile of our interlocutors in order to be able to offer them the best solutions to reach their objectives. Our customer service and support is always available to answer your questions, and our account managers know that our success depends on yours.

Our Vision

Strato Markets was created so that customers could invest in crypto-currencies on a user-friendly platform. Our goal is to make the process as simple as profitable. Your success demonstrates our commitment to any investor who chooses to work with us. That’s why we strive to offer you a precise selection of currencies, dedicated support and personal assistance; in addition, as a regulated broker, and adhering to strict financial guidelines, we want you to have the most successful trading experience possible.

Our Engagement

We are an investment firm licensed to provide investment services under investment laws; we adhere to strict guidelines that create a safe and enjoyable trading environment.

The possibilities of making money are numerous, and we provide you the chance to connect to it, no matter where you are in the world. When market volatility means profit opportunities, you can count on us for support at every stage of the process: from investment to your profit withdrawals!


Opening an account at Strato Markets is extremely simple, fast and secure. This is not complicated: the steps and the necessary file elements are similar to those of other banks in Europe.

– The necessary supporting documents :

    A valid official ID document;
    An adress proof of less than 3 months;
    The latest tax notice for natural persons.

Once you have the file elements together, simply contact one of our Strato Markets advisors in order to make an appointment based on your availability. You will then be put in touch with your dedicated crypto-currency analyst. You must be adult to open a Strato Markets account. If not, you will need the signature of a guardian or one of your parents.


Concerning money management, you entrust one of our brokers, your capital or your already established portfolio. Depending on the solution you have chosen, it executes for you the management actions that correspond to the type of management requested:

    Dynamic (more gains possible by taking more risk)
    Careful (less risk and necessarily more limited perspectives) …

The manager is usually more available and better informed than you in order to manage your wealth. He is also informed of tax news. In rising marketsperiods, it will seek to take advantage of the best opportunities and in times of decline, to limit as much as possible the effects on your pocket.


A neo-bank is a bank that claims to be completely mobile.
Strato Markets doesn’t only offer its clients investment services in crypto-currency. In fact, you will log in to your account; discover the different possibilities to carry out your account and beneficiaries transactions.

The difference between Strato Markets and its competitors lies precisely here: Your accounts’ the personal management. We have studied all the means to allow our customers the possibility to manage their transactions without going to our service. Your account is an integral part of your savings, financial assets and cash, and we want you to communicate freely without any limit or constraint.


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